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Cosmic Chronicles is a set of planned Comic stories from Cosmic Crown Comics.

First comic in series is, Escape From Gemini, release TBC


The Cosmic Chronicles series follows Humans along a TimeLine  to a possible future, due to major advancements in technology through the ever expanding power of micro chips and the knowledge of quantum computing, Humans along with Androids and Alpha Droids are mining the Planets and Moons of the Solar System.

After WW3, a 15 year world war followed by a terror act on the Moon, the worlds leading countries formed an Allience know as the United Nations Of Planet Earth (UNPE) all resources and funds went towards the research and mining of the solar system, segragating Earth and space colonization.

The Ineterplanetary Space Federation (ISF) is the Military and Police pressence around the Solar System, with the ISF TaskForce policing the Space Stations and Moons, with Marines on standby for larger threats to big for the TaskForce they also have the top scientists and researchers working on technological advancments with Alpha Droids.

Escape From Gemini begins on the Space Station Gemini orbiting Neptune in the year 2215, the General in charge has a sinister plan that will change the Solar System for ever.


Organisations that operate in space,

  • NASA
  • CosCorp
  • Cosmic Cafe
  • Luna Lounge
  • Re-Stock

Space Stations of the Solar System


Escape from gemini poster
==Comic Arcs==

Escape From Gemini, single book of 12 comic issues.

Neptunian Wars, 3 books of 36 comic issues.

Adventures of Max & Tom, unplanned amount of issues.

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